ARL Dispatches Water Rescue Team to Hurricane Harvey Area

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has a team of rescuers on the way to Texas to help some of the smallest and largest flood victims.

On Wednesday the ARL sent two employees who certified water rescuers and an ARL boat to the Houston area.  The rescuers will work to find pets stranded by the flood waters ranging from cats to horses.  The ARL is part of a national organization of rescue leagues that asked for the Iowa workers to be activated.

While working to find pets the workers will also try to avoid some other animals.  "There's all kinds of hazards you have to deal with," says ARL Executive Director Tom Colvin, "the further South you go the more you have to worry about unwanted animals that may be trying to get in the boats as well such as snakes and alligators."