Avoid the ‘Danger Zone,’ Officials Warn With Busses Back On the Roads

DES MOINES, Iowa–There’s a ten-foot area near school buses that law enforcement needs you to respect in Iowa. And if you don’t, it could cost you.

Transportation officials refer to the ten-foot area surrounding each side of a school bus as the “danger zone.” When children are walking within that zone, they can be difficult for drivers to spot.






(School buses can weigh nearly 25,000 pounds).

“When we have crashes, not only are the school bus operators, their kids, their passengers at risk,” Iowa Department of Transportation Director Mark Lowe said Tuesday, “But the people in the cars are at risk, too.”

In 2011, Kadyn Halverson, 7, was walking across the street to get to the bus near her family’s home in Northwood. A pickup driver struck and killed her.

After that incident, lawmakers toughened punishment against drivers who don’t stop for school buses with their flashing lights on. Drivers could face a fine of up to $650, 30 days in jail and 30 days without their driver’s license.

The Iowa DOT lays out the rules for when and where you need to stop when you see a school bus.