Central Iowa Man Braces for Tropical Storm Harvey’s Resurgence Along Texas Coast

GALVESTON, Texas  --  A central Iowa man now living in Texas says the worst of tropical storm Harvey has yet to come for him.

Forecasters predict Harvey will make its way back over the gulf and then return to the coast line, hitting cities later this week.

“It’s like the worst blizzard you've ever seen in your life, but with rain,” says Cory Elkin.

Elkin is from Iowa but lives part time in Galveston, just feet away from the Gulf of Mexico. The storm's severity in that area doesn’t come close to the flooding in Houston, but that could change later this week.

“I don't trust Harvey,” Elkin joked.

Instead, he's putting his trust in Galveston’s infrastructure. Since Hurricane Ike in 2008, homes there must now be built under a new "hurricane and flood-proof" code that requires windows to be able to withstand 130 miles per hour wind speeds. It also requires homes to be built tall enough to avoid high flood waters.

“The bottom of my house is 20 feet off the ground, so I have to go down two flights of stairs just to get to the ground level,” he says. “You're safer in here than you are out on the roads, I mean that's the truth.”

Officials say Houston is prone to severe flooding due to the lack of natural landscape to absorb storm waters. Elkin says Galveston doesn’t have that problem, which is one of the reasons he says he feels safe.

“We’re just going to ride it out and we have plenty of water and plenty of food. We'll be good.”