Houston Natives Living in Des Moines Talk About Hurricane Harvey

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The effects of Hurricane Harvey will last in Houston for quite some time, and they have already impacted those who live and work in Des Moines but were raised in southern Texas.

“To see, like, family, friends and where their homes are, like, underwater, it's unreal,” said Chloe Rudison.

Rudison moved to Des Moines just six months ago.  Still with her Houston driver’s license, her thoughts are with her native city.

“I'm not there to witness it, but at the same time I am because my family's there. Been talking to my mom about every hour,” she said.

Her mother is luckily in one of the lesser flooded areas, but Rudison has seen her fair share of destruction. She volunteered with FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, and recalls what some of the residents of Houston are going through today.

“I saw homes and everything just gone, like, somebody's whole house moved. Emotionally, I could say it's gut wrenching, that feeling to know that you've worked so hard for something and then it's gone,” said Rudison.

Rudison plans to head to Huston as soon as she can to help once again.

Another person raised in the city--Iowa Barnstormers Head Coach Dixie Wooten--is already there.

“It's tough, man, because you have friends and you have family around that are stuck in those situations where they can’t get out. I had a couple of friends that had to crawl on their roof and have boats come pick them up,” said Wooten.

As Coach Wooten helps family and friends, he also speaks to the spirit of the city.

“One thing about Houston is that when things happen to us out here we come together to make it a better life for a lot of people that lost a lot of things,” he said.

Coach Wooten's son plays football for the university of Houston. The team has relocated in Austin and is practicing at the University of Texas.