More Iowa Red Cross Volunteers Traveling to Texas for Storm Relief Work

TEXAS  --  The once-Hurricane Harvey has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but heavy rains in Texas and Louisiana are expected to cause devastating flooding.

As a result, more help is on the way. On Saturday, the Iowa Red Cross deployed 10 more volunteers to the region, bringing the total number of Iowans sent to the area to 20. The volunteers' duties range from helping provide shelter to handing out medical supplies.

The Red Cross currently has 24 shelters in place in Texas and Louisiana, and 40 more are on standby.

Twenty Red Cross volunteers from Iowa are either in Texas on Sunday night or will soon be in the disaster area. However, with the dangerous flooding conditions, some of them have been unable to get into the city of Houston to help there.

Joe Vich, a Red Cross volunteer from Waterloo, is stuck waiting to help, and spoke with Channel 13 via telephone from Austin, Texas, about 150 miles northwest of his final intended destination. This interview can be heard in the video above.