RFS Proposal Comment Period Ends

The Renewable Fuel Standard proposal comment period ends today.

Iowa Renewable Fuel Executive Director Monte Shaw says he is happy about the corn ethanol requirements, but not pleased about the unmoved biodiesel and cut cellulosic levels. Numbers for ethanol are maintained at a 15 billion gallon cap for 2018. But the biodiesel number stayed the same at 2.1 billion gallons for 2019, below the industry request of 2.75 billion gallons.

Shaw says some of the reasons for lower numbers relied on an argument over what "supply" means in the law, which a circuit court has now ruled on.

When the proposal was released EPA Administrator Scot Pruitt said in a statement, “We are proposing new volumes consistent with market realities focused on actual production and consumer demand while being cognizant of the challenges that exist in bringing advanced biofuels into the marketplace."

Shaw thinks there's some bias in the rule and they want to remind the EPA on their role, "When going through the confirmation process, Administrator Pruitt promised to follow the letter of the RFS and the intent of congress when they passed the RFS. There's a whole bunch of quotes to that effect. And this rule falls short of that."

Shaw says, unchanged, this would be the first time RFS numbers have been drawn down by the EPA.