Senator Visits Iowa Coop

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is touring through the 99 counties of Iowa and made a stop at Two Rivers Cooperative in Monroe.

At a roundtable discussion, many questions were asked about regulation such as OSHA's role in the Trump Administration, the Waters of the U.S. rule, or how much grain weight a truck can have before going on the federal interstates.

Another point made by co-op representatives were the little rules, like mandates to have a safety gate on top of grain bin ladders. That rule cost the co-op $25,000 to comply

Ernst says,  "That's a lot of dollars that are then passed onto the members of that coop. So what we have to figure out is that cost. What is that associated with or attributed to? Is it worth the additional expense? We have to evaluate that. Sometimes the government goes way too far and the benefit doesn't necessarily equal the cost."

The farm bill is another big topic for farmers, Ernst is optimistic, "I think this is something that we have to get done and as we look ahead in the next several months. The intent is to really work very hard, diligently on this package. Have it to the floor of the Senate by Christmas."