Animal Rescue League Returns with Dogs Affected By Hurricane Harvey

ANKENY, Iowa -- After a week in the Houston area a crew from the Animal Rescue League of Central Iowa returned to the metro with 17 dogs.

"They're doing fine. I think they are just happy to be out of the truck. That's a long trip for the dogs,” said Josh Colvin with the ARL, "We are helping animals, we are helping people. It's the best of both worlds.”

All of the pets were in shelters before Harvey hit and they needed to be moved to make room for other animals displaced when the storm him.  This the third such trip for Colvin.  “I think with this one, everything kind of came together and they knew that going in. People are getting reunited with their pets every day down there so that's a great thing to see,” said Colvin.

The dogs will be in quarantine for a few days to avoid spreading any diseases. After that they will be given a complete physical.  Colvin estimates that it will take two weeks to complete this process and the pets will be up for adoption shortly after.

Along with bringing the dogs to Iowa, the ARL also helped storm damaged shelters rebuild.  "Well the one we were at didn't have power or water at all. So we were having to truck water in and get generators. That is where we helped the most.  Trying to get everything set up as an animal shelter,” said Colvin.

Colvin and his team won’t get much rest, they are already planning a trip to Florida to help before Irma hits land.