Corn Maze Raises Awareness for Childhood Cancer

BONDURANT, Iowa  --  Fun fall family traditions are underway, and that includes a trip to the corn maze. One central Iowa maze provides more than just entertainment this year--it’s also spreading an important message.

The theme at Geisler Farms' corn maze in Bondurant is Childhood Cancer Awareness, in memory of Landon Friedrickson who visited the maze every year of his short life.

Suzanne Friedrickson, Landon's mother, said, "All the pictures in the orange hat are from him six months before he passed away."

Landon died in April 2016, four years after being diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma cancer when he was four years old.

"Not a lot of people, I think, still realize that kids can get cancer, too. We didn't realize it until our son got diagnosed in 2012," said Friedrickson.

That's why she convinced her Bondurant neighbors to make their 2017 corn maze theme in honor of childhood cancer awareness.

Malinda Geisler said, "We have this enormous ribbon in the cornfield this year. It measures 646 feet from the very tip to the peak of the ribbon. The letters are 50 feet long by 24 feet wide."

The corn maze has 20 spots throughout for people to find each location and punch a hole on the map, all while having fun and spreading the message.

"We just want to spread the word that kids get cancer, too, and if people can donate to an organization that helps fight cancer or do the research or support families," said Friedrickson.

The maze is in memory of Landon and all the kids still fighting.

"When your child has cancer, your worst fear is that they're going to die. And then when your child does die, your worst fear is your child is going to be forgotten. And so when someone like this offers to do something, not just for your child, but all children, it's the best feeling in the world," Friedrickson said.

Geisler Farms is open on weekends during September and October. Corn maze admission is $8 per person and the fun zone is $5 per person. It’s located at 5251 NE 94th Avenue.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.