Creston Community Members Blame Idle Time for Leading to Racially Offensive Photo

CRESTON, Iowa — The spotlight is on the community of Creston for all of the wrong reasons. The community is working to come together and move on after a racially charged photo of five high school football players hit the internet. The photo, showing the players dressed like the Ku Klux Klan, has left the community reeling, and now as folks there focus on moving forward, there’s one place that may play a key role.

That would be Feldhacker’s Family Fun Center on N. Cherry Street. Jack Willis, the Director and Assistant Manager of Feldhacker’s says while it was wrong for the young men in the photo to do what they did, they deserve a second chance. “They just made a mistake,” said Willis. “You know, we all make them. We’ve all done them. I mean, I’ve grown up doing some pretty silly things. There’s consequences that follows with your mistakes and you take them and you move on, try to be more positive, try to do what you need to do to focus on the right things and what’s important.”

Willis blames idle time for the young men getting into trouble, and says that’s why the fun center was created two years ago: “because there was nothing for kids to do and our focus was to get kids into a more positive situation where they could do things and work in a more (positive) environment to where they could have a good time without having to worry about getting in trouble,” said Willis.

The owner of the family fun center, Wayne Feldhacker, believes strongly in young people. “I raised my kids here,” said Feldhacker. “I have 22  grandkids and out of 22 grandkids, the majority of them live in Creston. I want a safe place where any kid can come, play, hang out, use the wi-fi, you know just be a kid.”

Feldhacker’s mission is to instill in youth a sense of self-confidence and purpose.

“We`ve come to believe very strong that these kids may make wrong choices once in while, but there`s not a bad one in the bunch….”