Hurricane Hits Texas Agriculture

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas agriculture hard last week, cotton harvest was underway with bales called modules sitting in the field. The South Texas Cotton and Grain Association are estimating damages as high as $150 million.

That cost could go higher as the flood waters recede, one concern is fuel contamination or damage.

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller says most of the corn was harvested before the storm, but farmers are going to take heavy losses.

He says, "Most of the corn was in the bins. Most of the rice, about 75 percent of the rice was harvested, but it's in the bins. We do have some bins that were damaged. We do have some cotton gins that were destroyed and some were damaged, so it's going to be a long time before we finish up. Think about it, it was a bumper crop, good crop, they had some money made in the crop, but until it gets ginned you don't get payed for it."

Miller says anyone who wants to help out farmers can go to the Texas Ag Department website. They have also set up a hay hotline to help get livestock producers hay, that number is 512-463-9360.

The USDA also announced they are ready to help.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue tweeted, "Scenes from Harvey's fury. Texas hit hard, including ag community. These are strong folk, but USDA ready to help."

He posted a link to more information on the USDA website: