Progress Iowa Event Answers Community Questions

DES MOINES, Iowa-  --  Progress Iowa held its third annual Corn Feed event in Des Moines on Sunday.

U.S. Democratic senators and Iowa candidates for governor were among the attendees. Organizers say the goal of the event was to give Democrats the chance to talk about issues surrounding immigration reform and health insurance, and people came looking for answers to their questions.

“I would like to see Medicare for all and everybody pay in at whatever level they are able to pay in for for full coverage,” Ramona Melendy said.

Also looking for answers was Mainstream Alliance, a local group whose mission is to keep Iowa a welcoming place. The group is against President Trump's decision to end DACA.

"I think that what the president's done and what Congress is doing is shameful. As far as here in Iowa and the governor candidates, I hope that they will make a point that Iowa is a welcoming state, that we stand with our immigrants," said Sue Dinsdale, Executive Director of the Iowa Citizens Action Network.

What happens to immigrants is now in the hands of Congress. In the meantime, the candidates at the event all stood for one thing: showing the community the Democratic party is united.