ROTC Members Honor Veterans on POW/MIA Awareness Run

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  State leaders and ROTC cadets honored a group of veterans on Friday morning.

"We are gathering here today for a solemn purpose and solemn remembrance. Our thoughts and prayers remain with our soldiers that have gone missing in action or have become prisoners of war, and those thoughts and prayers extend to their families, as well," said Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg.

The lieutenant governor spoke before the POW/MIA Awareness Run. Iowa State ROTC cadets took off from the capitol building at 9 a.m. and are running 35.8 miles to the Memorial Union on the Iowa State University campus. Once there, they will pay tribute to Iowa State students whose names are etched on the walls of the Gold Star Museum.

"A lot of pride. Especially what happened last time when we were all there, cars were honking at us, people were cheering and stuff, a lot of pride, a lot of honor, honestly. And then we get to see all the names in the Memorial Union, POW/MIA. Just to see that and think about what we're running for and have those people in mind," said Natalie Booroom of the Air Force ROTC.

Cadets paused for a rain delay but were expected to arrive at the Memorial Union around 3 p.m.