Vietnam Resumes Distillers Dried Grains Imports

Vietnam is resuming imports of American distillers dried grains (DDGS).

Vietnam was the third largest market for DDGS before they suspended imports last year when they reportedly found quarantine pests in U.S. shipments. In 2016, the country bought nearly $230 million dollars worth of the grain.

DDGS are a co-product of ethanol production and are essentially concentrated grain. U.S. exports have increased in value to $2 billion dollars a year, nearly five times what it was ten years ago.

After the suspension, the USDA began technical discussions with Vietnam to allow exports to continue.

Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer welcomes the decision to reopen markets, saying it will help the efforts to balance trade relations.

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue agrees, he says, “This is great news and I am pleased that the U.S. exporters will once again be able to ship DDGS to Vietnam, which is one of the fastest-growing global markets for U.S. agriculture.”