Workers Striking to Advocate for Higher Minimum Wage

IOWA  --  Across the nation and here in the metro, fast food and hospital workers are going on strike to protest the need for higher wages.

Protestors are demanding they be paid $15 an hour. Two rallies took place in the metro on Monday morning, one at the downtown Burger King and the other at a McDonald's on 6th and University. Protestors then marched from there to Mercy Medical Hospital.

Many attending the rally say two-thirds of Iowa corporations are making record profits and not rewarding employees who are on the front lines. One employee says $15 an hour would properly reflect the demands of the fast food industry.

"I feel like we deserve $15. Corporations is making all the big bucks, and we're the ones working hard, dealing with the public, and making sure the day run smooth. So I feel that we deserve $15, because I feel like the wages is not adding up with the cost of living."

A number of Iowa Congressional candidates will also be joining the cause. Rallies and walkouts are expected to take place in 300 cities throughout the nation on Monday.