Tag: 2018 Session Information

Continuing to Support Iowa’s Veterans

This year, the Iowa Legislature continued to thank and support Iowa’s veterans and their families for the services and sacrifices they’ve made for our state and country. Several bills were passed and sent to the Governor this session that will assist veterans across Iowa. One bill that was signed into law will increase the amount […]

Legislature Creates More Protections for Consumers

Iowa lawmakers enacted several new consumer protections this year, including credit security freezes and “skimming” devices attached to gas pumps and ATM’s. Senate File 2177 gives consumers that seek credit freezes more options. The bill prohibits fees from being charged for placing, removing, suspending, or reinstating any security freeze. The bill also creates new procedures […]

Retirement Systems in Iowa Remain Strong

Iowa currently maintains four retirement systems in the state for Iowans who work in various careers such as police officers, firefighters, and teachers. Even before session began, lawmakers have been working to make sure Iowans have a strong retirement system. Throughout the legislative session lawmakers on the committee tasked with monitoring the public retirement systems […]

REAP Funded at Lowest Level in Over a Decade

The Resource Enhancement and Protection fund, commonly referred to as REAP, was funded at $12 million in the Agriculture and Department of Natural Resources budget this year. The legislature directed $2 million of this funding, though, to state parks. When this $2 million “scoop” of REAP funding is accounted for, REAP actually receives $10 million […]

Skills Training a Focus for Iowa Democrats

Iowa currently faces a skills gap because there are not enough workers possessing the needed skills for the jobs available. Right now, 55% of jobs available in Iowa are middle skill jobs. These jobs require more than a high school diploma but not a four year degree; they require an associate’s degree, a training certificate, […]

Preventing Food Shaming Becomes Law

Iowa has become the 9th state to pass a law protecting children from school lunch debt food shaming. Lawmakers in Louisiana and Maine are currently considering bills similar to Iowa’s legislation. Under the bill, the following actions are no longer being allowed as these actions humiliate or “shame” a student because they cannot pay for […]