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Iowa Ag Community Helping Texas Livestock Farmers

ATLANTIC, Iowa  --  More and more Iowans are finding ways to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and on Saturday part of Iowa’s agriculture industry answered the call.

Kelly Decious was touched after seeing the harrowing images coming out of south Texas.

“We come from a livestock family, we raised our girls showing livestock, and we just put ourselves in their situation and thought if that were us, what would we need? If our farm was flooded, would we need feed, would we need hay?” said Decious.

Kelly and her husband founded the Livestock Family Support Organization. It may be just a Facebook networking page, but it's one that has organized a substantial relief effort for the livestock farmers of Texas.

Over 12 tons of supplies are headed down to Texas on Tuesday, many of which were gathered and donated by local FFA chapters.

“Without feed, they’re not going to make it in the next however many weeks it's going to last before they can go back to where they come from. And I'm sure a lot of them won’t be able to show at their fair and they've worked all summer long just to keep this animal,” said Andrew Schechinger of the Harlan FFA.

The Harlan FFA took the feed they've collected and dropped it off at Renew Ag Supply in Atlantic, where it will stay until being loaded onto a semi and sent to Texas.

“Random people are calling us saying, 'I want to buy ten bags of feed to send down,’ and it's just amazing that people that aren't necessarily tied to that just understand that that's what we're called to do. And it's a neat thing to be a part of that and be able to be a part of that vehicle to do that,” said Renew Ag Supply Owner Jim Skartvedt.

The Harlan FFA received donations from CAM FFA, ACGC FFA, Carroll FFA, Nodaway Valley FFA, Stoney Point FFA, Fremont Mills FFA, Corning FFA, and Griswold FFA.

Renew Ag Supply is accepting donations. Follow this link for more information:

To get in contact with the Livestock Family Support Organization, follow this link:

Livestock Family Support Organization Facebook page

Governor Signs Ag Proclamation, Supports Equality in Military Service

IOWA  --  Governor Kim Reynolds showed appreciation for agricultural entrepreneurs on Monday morning.

She signed the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Week Proclamation, which is meant to show an appreciation for the impact agricultural entrepreneurs add to the state and Iowa's legacy in helping create world changing technologies, products, and services.

Following Monday morning's signing, reporters asked the governor about her position on President Trump's transgender military ban. Governor Reynolds said anyone willing to serve in the military deserves the nation's respect.

"So less than 1% of Americans today sign up to serve and to defend those liberties and freedoms. And I think that anybody that signs up to serve our country and defend those liberties and freedoms deserves our utmost appreciation and respect," she said.

The governor said she and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst are both in agreement on the issue.