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ARL Rescue Team Heading to Florida

FLORIDA  --  The Animal Rescue League's mobile rescue team is being called into action again.

They are heading to Florida to help the ASPCA with animal rescues. Some team members came back from Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey last week. The team is trained for water rescues and moving critical supplies, and plan to be gone for a wee.

ARL members will likely head to an emergency shelter later this week. They are equipped to handle animals in large-scale environments.

ARL Employee Traveling to Beirut to Train U.N. Bomb Dogs

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  In October, ARL Animal Service Manager Mick McAuliffe is heading halfway around the world to do his part in saving lives.

McAuliffe, formerly a dog trainer for the Australian military, will be going to Lebanon's capital to train United Nations bomb detection dogs and their handlers. McAuliffe says he's focused on the mental well-being of these animals, as even dogs can suffer from issues like PTSD.

"Like any animal, with a traumatic event comes PTSD. These guys are all working dogs and have not had any trauma, but again with being different breeds, different environments...I'm looking at things like housing, we look at physical well-being and mental well-being, and my part of it is the mental well-being," he says.

McAuliffe will be teaching handlers how to de-stress their dogs after a long day's work and recognize when their dogs need time away from the job.

"You don't want a dog to have an off day for explosive detection. Everything is taken into consideration, also dogs not feeling well physically or mentally won't be working. They're athletes, they're super dogs, a super job," he says.

McAuliffe says he will be overseas for a few weeks.

ARL Taking in Animals Evacuated From Harvey Flood Waters

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Some of the smallest evacuees from Hurricane Harvey have already arrived in Des Moines.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa took in 20 dogs on Tuesday from the north Texas area. A shelter there arranged to empty its kennels before the storm because it knew they would be needed once the storm did arrive.

The ARL is offering a "name your price" event for all dogs and cats this weekend to make room for more storm evacuees to arrive.