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ISU Football Community Pushing to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

AMES, Iowa  --  Cyclone Nation is coming together to support Hurricane Harvey victims, and some are doing more than just donating supplies.

ISU football player Brian Peavy's dream to help those in Texas became a reality on Saturday. Fans flocked to watch the ISU vs. UNI game, wasn't the only thing multiplying at Jack Trice: a donation pile of supplies to send to Hurricane Harvey victims was growing, too.

“Having the opportunity to contribute to the people in Houston and the effort down with Hurricane Harvey is giant," said ISU defensive end Vince Horras. "As a football team, we've got guys from the area, everybody's got family and friends down there, and we know that anything is appreciated."

ISU football partnered with Hy-Vee to carry out junior defensive back Brian Peavy's goal to help.

"We're always helpful, even though, like, they're Texas and we're Iowa and we're far away, we have stuff and we can help, so obviously as an Iowan I want to help people," said Ames resident Tori Swanson.

Kara Schoepfer is a Cyclone fan, and she’s not letting the nearly 1,000 miles between Iowa and Texas get in her way. After Saturday's game, she is headed to Texas to help her sister who lives in Houston, and who lost everything.

"We're going to help out any way we can down there, with the demolition of their house and trying to salvage what didn’t get destroyed," she said.

Schoepfer said helping Harvey victims is a great lesson for her kids, and not just Cyclone Nation but also people everywhere.

"I hope it's teaching them that they have a responsibility to help others in need," Schoepfer said.

Some say helping people in need is already a victory, no matter the outcome on the field.