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Des Moines Organizations Preparing to Send Blood Donations, Volunteers South Ahead of Hurricane Irma

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Iowa Red Cross and LifeServe Blood Center in Des Moines are standing by to help potential victims of Hurricane Irma.

Red Cross volunteers already serving in Texas might have to do double duty.

"Some of them will be asked to extend their deployment and move to Florida, but right now no one has been asked to do that," said Mark Tauscheck of the Red Cross of Central Iowa.

Forty-nine Red Cross volunteers are on standby in Texas, waiting to find out whether they will need to head to Florida.

Ahead of the hurricane, LifeServe Blood Center has sent 100 units of red blood cells, plasma, and platelets to Florida, and hopes to send more. One unit of blood has the potential to save three lives.

To send more blood to hurricane victims, LifeServe needs more local donations.

“Unfortunately, with the summer, our supply has been lower than we wanted it to be, so we want to make sure that’s at a safe level, and if we do have extra products we can send it to the Houston, and Florida area," said Danielle West with LifeServe.

Both organizations say they will know how much support and resources they will need to send come Monday.