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Religious and Political Leaders Come Together for Annual Banquet

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  One of the most-watched political events in Iowa kicked off the political season on Saturday night.

The annual Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event started with Pastor Warren Rodgers singing the national anthem. He has been singing at Republican events like this for years, and says despite differing political views he has faith in current political leaders.

"I am very much pleased that Donald Trump reached across the aisle. That is the beginning with his leadership in this particular aspect, that is the beginning of his leadership when he reached across the aisle concerning this matter."

Rodgers is talking about the president's decision to stop DACA, affecting the lives of 11 million children who were brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents.

"Now they're 18, 19 years old and and involved very much in the fabric of our society and make a great contribution, and I just personally believe, it is my prayer that the decision will be made for these kids to be able to stay in the United States of America," he said.

Whether those children can stay is up to Congress to decide. In the meantime, people at the event want local Iowa government to decide what to do with topics like tax reform.

"Events like this help the grassroots send that message to elected officials that we want tax reform and we want it now," said Windsor Heights resident Tyler Raygor.

The main goal of the event is to send a message of hope and pride, while organizers work to educate people and politicians on staying committed to liberty and law.

Senator Joni Ernst and Governor Kim Reynolds were among the speakers both pushing for faith-based voters to hit the polls in 2018.

As President Mulls DACA, Iowans Call on Senator Ernst for Support

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A handful of eyes were glued to the TV in Senator Joni Ernst’s downtown office, listening as President Trump announced he would make a decision on the future of DACA either late Friday or over the weekend.

Several Iowans held a sit-in at the senator’s office, demanding a showing of support for DACA by Senator Ernst.

DACA is an Obama-era policy commonly known as the Dream Act.  It allows children of illegal immigrants to stay in the country if they came to the U.S. before the age of 16, are in school or employed, and do not have a criminal record.

“These young people have had an opportunity to go to school, to have full time jobs, to be able to do the things that every American has an opportunity to do. To have this reversed is to say to them that they are not wanted here, they’re not allowed to be here,” said Joe Henry, Vice President of the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa.

The group is asking Senator Ernst follow in the footsteps of another Iowa Republican.

“I mean one of the people I think of a lot is the Republican governor Robert Ray, who opened the doors when the people of southeast Asia needed a place to go,” said protester Kathleen McQuillen

McQuillen says she has serious concerns should DCA be phased out.

“They’ve come, they’ve established themselves, they’re living among us as our neighbors, as our friends, as our coworkers, and it’s absolutely terrifying to think that they will be picked up and sent back to this home they don’t know,” she said.

At the time of publication, Senator Ernst has not issued a response to the group.

Governor Signs Ag Proclamation, Supports Equality in Military Service

IOWA  --  Governor Kim Reynolds showed appreciation for agricultural entrepreneurs on Monday morning.

She signed the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Week Proclamation, which is meant to show an appreciation for the impact agricultural entrepreneurs add to the state and Iowa's legacy in helping create world changing technologies, products, and services.

Following Monday morning's signing, reporters asked the governor about her position on President Trump's transgender military ban. Governor Reynolds said anyone willing to serve in the military deserves the nation's respect.

"So less than 1% of Americans today sign up to serve and to defend those liberties and freedoms. And I think that anybody that signs up to serve our country and defend those liberties and freedoms deserves our utmost appreciation and respect," she said.

The governor said she and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst are both in agreement on the issue.