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Meet the Candidate: HD 76 Ann Egley

Ann Egley Iowa House District 76 Information Williamsburg Website: https://egleyforiowahouse.com Ann Egley grew up in Warrenville, Illinois. After graduating from high school, she attended the College of Dupage and earned an Associates Degree. She  then continued her education at Southern Illinois University, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. While at SIU she met her […]

State Tax Credits Increase Dramatically

In recent years, the total dollar amount of state tax credits to corporations has increased substantially and left the state with steep budget cuts and more debt.  During the same time, investment in critical state services, like public schools and health care, has been low. Even as corporate tax credits increased dramatically, Republican lawmakers passed […]

Meet the Candidate: HD 74 Dave Jacoby

Dave Jacoby Iowa House District 74 Information Coralville Website: http://www.jacobyforhouse.org David Jacoby is serving his 7th term in the Iowa House. He is a Ranking Member of the Ways and Means committee. He also serves on the Commerce, Natural Resources, and the Transportation Committees. Dave was born and raised in Marion, Iowa to George and Millie […]

Meet the Candidate: HD 72 Mindy Benson

Mindy Benson Iowa House District 72 Information Tama Website:  https://www.bensonforiowa.com/   Tama County Emergency Manager Mindy Benson announced that she is running for the Iowa House of Representatives in House District 72. This seat includes Tama county, the northern part of Black Hawk county, and the southwest part of Marshall county. Mindy has worked in […]

Meet the Candidate: HD 71 Mark Smith

Mark Smith Iowa House District 71 Information Marshalltown Email Address: [email protected] Website: http://marksmithiowa.com Mark Smith is currently serving his 9th term in the Iowa House. Before being elected House Democratic Leader, he served as an Assistant Democratic Leader and on the Administration and Rules, Environmental Protection, Ethics, Human Resources, Judiciary and Legislative Council committees. Mark Smith […]

Meet the Candidate: HD 69 Kirsten Running-Marquardt

Kirsten Running-Marquardt Iowa House District 69 Information Email Address: [email protected] Representative Kirsten Running-Marquardt is serving her 3rd term in the Iowa House of Representatives. Kirsten was elected in a special election in Nov. 2009 and currently serves as a Ranking Member on the Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee and also serves on the full Appropriations, Economic […]